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Treat yourself to a unique and custom built just for you, by you!

You save money

Already assembled computers that are on the market have a high price. At the same cost, you may as well we assemble one with much higher performance. Finding the hardware at the right price, you can build a complete PC while saving money. 

The pc for your needs

If you assemble your computer with your hands, you can select only those components that are more relevant to your needs, creating a custom PC. On the market there is the perfect computer, but if you choose the hardware according to your usage, you can really make the PC you've always wanted.


You can increase the memory, add hard disk or replacement video card or processor by keeping your system up to date over the years without having to buy a new model.


Performance is better because assembling a pc step by step you can choose the quality of each component, and then you are sure to have a latest generation pc with latest technology.


Longer lasting, in fact quality components guarantee superior reliability;


The MEFUAR team is at your disposal to advise you and to find together the best solution for your needs and to assist in the Assembly of the pc if I needed it. The in fact, our experts will answer any questions via email, phone or in-store.

What are you waiting for? Start now to assemble your pc! Choose the best components from our online catalog, fill out the form below to request a quote and start building your personal computer!